Amy Johnson's Arrival in Brisbane (1930)

Amy Johnson's Arrival in Brisbane (1930)
Kinetone Productions
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In this silent newsreel footage, British aviator Amy Johnson arrives in Brisbane on the final leg of her solo flight between England and Australia in 1930.

A title card announces Amy's arrival on the 24th of May after her ‘wonderful flight from England’. As crowds wait for her arrival, and crowds are shown arriving in cars, there is a shot of her plane landing. The crowd quickly gathers around her plane as a petite Amy Johnson – hair cropped under her ears, and wearing a fashionable tie – then walks amongst the crowd, smiling and later waving.

A second title card ‘sighted in the air’ shows Johnston’s plane – a de Havilland Moth – in the sky before cutting to Johnson sitting in the cockpit of the landed plane. A pan of the airfield showing the large crowds precedes the final shot of Johnson and a group of uniformed men posing for the camera.