The Enemy Within: Cliffhanger

The Enemy Within: Cliffhanger
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Jack (Snowy Baker) has pursued the German spies to the secret beach from which they will rendezvous with a German ship. Master villain Brasels (John Faulkner) has kidnapped Jack’s girl Myee (Lily Molloy) and tied her to a rock, where she will be drowned by the tide. Jack must climb down a tall cliff to rescue her, while Warne (Billy Ryan) takes pot shots at him from the water. One of these cuts the rope, forcing Jack to make a dangerous dive. As the waters lap around Myee, a government patrol boat picks up the German spies.

Note: The original aspect ratio is 1.33:1 (Academy full frame). The print of The Enemy Within obtained by the NFSA had been incorrectly duplicated at an 1.37:1 (Academy) ratio, which has cut approximately 3 mm off the top and left-hand side off the frame. Summary by Paul Byrnes.