The Enemy Within: Riding, shooting and tackling

The Enemy Within: Riding, shooting and tackling
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Jack and Jimmy have discovered the gang’s secret city hide-out. Gang boss Bill Warne (Billy Ryan) escapes, pursued by Jack (Snowy Baker). They both commandeer horses as Warne heads to the boatshed where his men guard a cache of arms and explosives. Jack and Warne exchange pistol shots until Jack runs out of ammunition. As Warne runs, the athletic Jack brings him down with a flying tackle.

Note: The original aspect ratio is 1.33:1 (Academy full frame). The print of The Enemy Within obtained by the NFSA had been incorrectly duplicated at an 1.37:1 (Academy) ratio, which has cut approximately 3 mm off the top and left-hand side off the frame. Summary by Paul Byrnes.