Chocolate dipping at the Ernest Hillier Factory (c.1926)

Chocolate dipping at the Ernest Hillier Factory (c.1926)
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This promotional documentary enters Australian chocolatier Ernest Hillier’s factory in Sydney. It shows men and women working in the chocolate mixing, dipping, packing and mailing rooms. It also includes a brief segment in the ice-cream department. Intertitles are used to identify various parts of the chocolate-making and packaging process. The film details the delicate work and attention to detail required when producing handmade chocolates and sweets for Australian consumers.

In this clip, women seated at tables carefully dip each individual chocolate and place them neatly on trays to dry. Their speed indicates they are familiar with this repetitive task. Men stand over the mixing machines which house boiling hot liquid chocolate. A man forms a row of chocolate dollops on a table. Women then top the chocolate with ‘buttons’ to create the finished sweet. In another area of the room, a man stands over a large vat of boiling chocolate and breaks up blocks to add to the mixture.

Summary by Poppy De Souza