The Sundowners: No place for a woman

The Sundowners: No place for a woman
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Ida (Deborah Kerr) has persuaded her husband to inquire about a job shearing sheep. In the contractor’s office, Paddy (Robert Mitchum) tries his best to avoid getting hired but Quinlan (Chips Rafferty) takes him on. He also has jobs for Sean (Michael Anderson Junior) and Mr Venneker (Peter Ustinov), their new stockman, but Quinlan draws the line at hiring a woman cook. Bluey Brown (John Meillon) has to remind Quinlan that the men choose the cook. They call a hasty union meeting and decide to give Ida an audition. Mrs Firth (Glynis Johns) hosts the test meal at her hotel, using her finest china. Summary by Paul Byrnes.

The Sundowners was nominated for five Oscars at the 1960 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Director (Fred Zinnemann), Actress (Deborah Kerr), Supporting Actress (Glynis Johns) and Adapted Screenplay (Isobel Lennart).