Road to Nhill: 'Ungrateful lot of bludgers'

Road to Nhill: 'Ungrateful lot of bludgers'
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Bob (Bill Hunter) tries to phone various homes to determine which bowling ladies are home safely. He calls Jean’s husband but Jack (Alwyn Kurts) is outside emptying the teapot. The ambulance has gone astray, having been given the wrong directions. Two fire trucks have arrived at the accident scene and taken one of the women to hospital. Maurie the pig farmer (Paul Chubb) has loaded Jean (Patricia Kennedy) into his truck to take her home, but he lingers at the accident scene. Nell (Monica Maughan) and Margot (Lynette Curran) suggest to him that he ought to get going. He does so under sufferance, given that this is ‘his’ accident scene. He found them, after all. Summary by Paul Byrnes.