Road to Nhill: 'We all need to keep calm'

Road to Nhill: 'We all need to keep calm'
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While making his deliveries, stock and station agent Bob (Bill Hunter) has spotted the car of the local policeman parked outside a neighbouring farmhouse. Interviewed later, he suggests the policeman should be ‘carpeted’ for dereliction of duty. His wife Gwen (Denise Roberts) nods in agreement. In flashback, four lady bowlers are upside down in their upturned car, blinking and silent with shock. Margot (Lynette Curran) asks if everyone is alright. Carmel (Lois Ramsey) begins to panic about a fire. Local pig farmer Maurie (Paul Chubb) approaches in his truck. Bachelor farmer Brian (Bill Young) is spraying weeds, unaware of what has happened on the road beside his paddock. Nell (Monica Maughan) tries to calm the situation in the car. Summary by Paul Byrnes.