Animal Kingdom: Family conference

Animal Kingdom: Family conference
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A family conference in a deserted café about what to do in the wake of the murder of two cops in which the brothers have been involved. Family matriarch Smurf (Jacki Weaver) reminds her criminal sons Craig (Sullivan Stapleton), Pope (Ben Mendelsohn) and Darren (Luke Ford) that the police know they are associates of Baz, who was recently shot dead by rogue detectives. (The implication is that the cops know they have a revenge motive that may link them to the murder of the two police officers.) She advises Craig to hand himself over for police questioning, otherwise they’ll suspect him even more. Pope notices that J is still being questioned by detectives. The ominous implication is that J could be doing a deal with the police and drastic action may be necessary. Summary by Lynden Barber.

Jacki Weaver was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Animal Kingdom at the 2010 Academy Awards.