Just Peanuts: Harvesting (1954)

Just Peanuts: Harvesting (1954)
Kingcroft Productions
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This clip is from a documentary filmed in Queensland detailing the growing, harvesting, distribution and processing of peanuts. Days of footage – harvesting, drying, threshing and packing of peanuts – are condensed into a neat three-minute sequence by breaking down the process into key steps.

This clip shows the harvesting of peanut plants. The harvester’s blade cuts the tap roots of a line of plants, which are then removed from the soil by hand and stacked in stooks to dry. A newly picked peanut kernel is filmed in its soft, green condition. The stooks are left in rows and a dissolve shows the drying process. Two workers lift the dried stooks onto a trailer and then drive up to a threshing machine which separates the nuts from the plant. The residue is discharged onto the field and the nuts are fed directly into large hessian sacks.

Summary by Poppy De Souza