Melbourne art scene in the 1950s

Melbourne art scene in the 1950s
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This clip features home movie footage taken by Gerty Anschel (c.1954-1955) with audio commentary by filmmaker and artist Philippe Mora. Part 3 of 3 features the Moras, the art gang at a balcony party and late American actor Melvyn Douglas. Philippe reflects on his childhood, parents and identifies key figures of the Melbourne art scene.

Summary: Mirka Mora dancing the can-can. Georges Mora giving Philippe Mora a haircut. Mirka with candle (Gerty seen in window reflection). Mirka, Georges Mora and Klaus Anschel learning ballet from Miriam Anschel. Guests at balcony party: American actor Melvyn Douglas, Charles (?), Mirka Mora outside the balcony bannister, Laurence Hope, Gray Smith, baby William Mora, Georges Mora, Mary Perceval (now Lady Nolan), Mirka Mora, Melvyn Douglas, Arthur Boyd, Joy Hester, Yvonne Boyd, Julius Kane, unknown American friends, David Boyd, Mandy Boyd, John Perceval drawing.