Melbourne in the 1950s: Philippe Mora, home movies and the art scene - part 1

Melbourne in the 1950s: Philippe Mora, home movies and the art scene - part 1
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This clip features home movie footage taken by Gerty Anschel (c.1953-1954) with audio commentary by film director Philippe Mora. Part 1 of 3 features scenes of Melbourne, The Mirka Café and Joy Hester and Gray Smith’s property. Philippe reflects on his childhood and identifies key figures of the Melbourne art scene.

SUMMARY: Black-and-white footage begins with Mirka Mora and Klaus Anschel standing on the front steps at Gerty and Klaus Anschel's home. Children play in the front yard including Danny Anschel and Philippe Mora (with hammer). Mirka, children and friends are seen at the fence. Colour footage begins with a shot of a Fintonia street sign, a head shot of Gerty Anschel and a shot of Klaus Anschel asleep. Georges and Mirka Mora (Miriam Anschel seen at Mirka’s side) are playing the card game canasta.

There is a shot of the Mora family home - Grosvenor Chambers, 9 Collins Street (Melbourne) and footage of the Mirka Café on Exhibition Street (Melbourne). John Perceval is seen at the window followed by a shot of Gerty Anschel in the window reflection.

We see footage of Joy Hester and Gray Smith’s property, with Mirka Mora and Joy Hester in the garden and carrying picnic food and a picnic scene with Gray Smith, children and friends: Mirka Mora with Philippe Mora and Miriam Anschel, baby William Mora, Georges Mora sitting in a deck chair, Joy Hester breast feeding and Charles Blackman. The end shot is of Philippe Mora eating a baguette.

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