The Best of Revue ’61: Roaring 20s Sing-a-long

The Best of Revue ’61: Roaring 20s Sing-a-long
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This recording of ‘Roaring 20s sing along’ is performed by The Revue 20 and the augmented ATN Orchestra under the direction of Tommy Tycho.

‘Roaring 20s sing along’ features three short works arranged by Jack Grimsley: 'Five Foot Two', 'Ukulele Lady' and 'Yes Sir, That’s My Baby'.

Revue’61 was a musical variety show on ATN produced by Peter Macfarlane and introduced by Digby Wolfe. The production featured arrangements by Julian Lee, Jack Grimsley and Tommy Tycho; Grimsley also played lead trombone.

This recording features three songs from the 1920s which have become standards. They are wonderful renditions that capture all the energy of the originals, immediately bringing to mind the look and feel of the period.

Whether by intention or happy accident, the quality of the recording seems to mimic the production values of the time as well.