The Witch's Tale - All Hallows' Eve, 1941

The Witch's Tale - All Hallows' Eve, 1941
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This episode of The Witch's Tale, entitled ‘All Hallows’ Eve’, was written especially as a Halloween broadcast and adapted for Australian radio by Sydney radio producer and writer E Mason Wood.

The original American series of The Witch’s Tale was significant as the earliest horror program produced for radio. It was first heard in May 1931 out of radio station WOR in New York City and was created by Alonzo Deen Cole, who wrote, produced and also acted in the series. Old Nancy the Salem Witch introduced a different story each week alongside her cat, Satan.

The Brisbane Telegraph described the program in 1947 as ‘not the sort of radio program the timid would enjoy listening to when alone in the house after nightfall. This, obviously, is the Witch's aim, and this is the grizzly old lady's achievement.’

The opening sets the tone of the episode, with the chiming of a bell, an eerie voice and sinister music. Sound effects are used effectively to create a dramatic space for the performers. Seventy years later this recording is still fresh and engaging.