Dame Edna Everage on talkback radio

Dame Edna Everage on talkback radio
Mike Walsh AM, OBE Hayden Productions (image)
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This is an excerpt of a radio broadcast on the day Dame Edna Everage cheerfully took over the airwaves on Dean Banks' morning show on station 2CC on 23 February 1984.

In her element when it comes to improvised banter with her audience, Everage dispenses 'womanly advice', and gives details of the sex lives of gladioli, to an unsuspecting talkback caller called Judy. Another caller, Peter, flirts with her and she invites him to lunch.

Dean Banks was a radio presenter with station 2CC in Canberra from 1975–87, 2SM in Sydney in 1988, Melbourne's 3AK in 1989 and he was a breakfast announcer for 3AW Melbourne during the 1990s. Banks began his radio career in 1970 for the pirate station Radio Hauraki in New Zealand.

Image from The Mike Walsh Show. NFSA title: 495724.

Notes by Beth Taylor