On the Inside (Theme from Prisoner)- Lynne Hamilton

On the Inside (Theme from Prisoner)- Lynne Hamilton
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On the Inside is the main title theme from the 1979-1986 Australian soap opera Prisoner. It was released as a 7" single in 1979, backed by the B-side 'Love Theme from Prisoner' performed by the William Motzing Orchestra.
Songwriter Allan Caswell’s country sensibility can be heard in this ballad, with minimalist guitar and piano arrangements. Lynne Hamilton delivers an emotional performance that captures the pain and fragility of a woman who feels imprisoned.

The lyrics describe ‘the outside’ and ‘the inside’, in reference to both the prison setting of the show, and a failed romantic relationship. Full of longing, the verses recall how different life was ‘on the outside’. Roses are used as a symbol of love and freedom. She then laments the end of that happiness with a sense of guilt, of having done something wrong. The chorus then describes ‘the inside’, where life goes on but as a ‘prisoner’, both literally (in the context of the program) and figuratively, as a prisoner of the memories of a broken relationship.