Martin/Molloy Comic Book: Issue 1 Cover

Front cover of the Martin/Molloy comic book, issue 1
Martin/Molloy Comic Book: Issue 1 Cover
Dillon Naylor / Cowtown Comics
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In 1996, Melbourne artist Dillon Naylor approached Tony Martin and Mick Molloy about the idea of making a comic book based on the show.

As Dillon explained to the Champagne Comedy website in 2015, ‘I did a complete story and intercepted both of them in the elevator of Triple M, giving me a captive audience to deliver the pitch. They were scared at first, then registered mild amusement and took the mock-up and said they’d get back to me. Many months elapsed and then Mick rang out of the blue and apologised for forgetting about it and basically gave me permission’.

Although they didn’t contribute any material, they were happy to give Dillon carte blanche in the creation of the comic.

Not only did the comic feature Tony and Mick, but also other fan favourites like Pete Smith and Blimpy, the Lactose Intolerant Cat.

It even included their famous shed on the rooftop of the Austereo building which the duo used to distance themselves from the radio executives, both physically and figuratively.

While only three comic books were published, because of a lack of funds for printing, they tell a unique part of the Martin/Molloy story.