Cate Shortland on the set of Berlin Syndrome

Director Cate Shortland works with actor Max Rielmelt in a forest location in Germany.
Cate Shortland on the set of Berlin Syndrome
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Director Cate Shortland speaks with actor Max Riemelt (who plays Andi) on the set of Berlin Syndrome (2016). 

Australian funding for the claustrophobic thriller set in Germany meant that many interior scenes – including those in Andi's Berlin apartment where he holds Clare (Teresa Palmer) captive – were filmed on sets built in Melbourne's Docklands Studios, rather than Germany.

In contrast to all the interiors in the film, this production still is all the more striking for being shot outdoors, in a forest in Germany. The lighting is warm, unlike the chilling feel of the scene in the movie.

Although shot from far away, it captures the rapport between director and actor, echoing Max's comments in a behind-the-scenes, making-of documentary about Cate's trust in her actors. 

The shot feels candid without being intrusive and is beautifully framed and lit, a great example of the work of a skilled on-set stills photographer.