Mad Max 2: Kjell Nilsson as Humungus

Muscular man wearing an ice hockey mask standing on the back of a truck.
Mad Max 2: Kjell Nilsson as Humungus
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Lord Humungus, portrayed by Kjell Nilsson, is the leader of a psychotic gang of marauders and the main antangonist in Mad Max 2.

The character is not given much of a backstory although director George Miller has stated that Humungus had suffered facial burns in an accident while serving in the military. This explains the wearing of the Cooper HM6 hockey mask.

While this production still shows actor Kjell Nilsson in a somewhat awkward pose, it does provide a good depiction of Humungus' costume and also Nilsson's muscular frame. Nilsson was a former Swedish Olympic-class weightlifter.