Skippy tea set_resized.jpg

Blue plastic tea set with kangaroo motif in red cardboard box. 'Skippy Tea Set' logo on box.
Skippy tea set_resized.jpg
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Made by the TV program's production company Fauna Production Pty Ltd, this is 'Skippy's very own tea set'.

The tea set is modelled to look like fine English china, but is made of pastel blue plastic. Each item in the set has a sticker on the front showing a stylised kangaroo and the Skippy logo.

The set consists of a tea pot with lid, milk jug, sugar bowl, four cups and saucers, four side plates and a full set of white plastic cutlery.

The box features line drawings of Sonny and Skippy, Sonny's bicycle, and the park vehicles – such as the helicopter, the Ranger's ute, a boat launch and a car.

The box also has the Waratah National Park Wildlife Reserve logo of a flowering waratah.

Somewhat disappointingly, other text on the box warns not to use with hot liquids: 'Keep away from heat'.