Ned Kelly Costume Sketch

Drawing of Heath Ledger in character costume as Ned Kelly wearing suit trousers, collared shirt, tie and waistcoat. He is holding a gun in his right hand. The drawing shows the front and back view of the costume.
Ned Kelly Costume Sketch
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This is a copy of an original drawing by costume designer Anna Borghesi for the film Ned Kelly (2003).

The sketch is of the front and back view of the costume, including the waistcoat, trousers, shirt and tie worn by Ned Kelly (Heath Ledger). The subject is holding a pistol in his right hand and particular attention is paid to the design of the shirt cuff.

The sketch indicates how the designer imagines the character will be dressed in the movie. It provides a clear sense of the designer's vision and is also a well-executed drawing in its own right.