Dead End Drive-In Lobby Card - 'Car Boys' for Yugoslavian Release

A man driving a beaten up, graffitied car with another man riding on top. Both men look menacing and threatening, as if about to attack someone. In the background is more graffiti on dilapidated fence.
Dead End Drive-In Lobby Card - 'Car Boys' for Yugoslavian Release
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One of a set of lobby cards for the Yugoslav release of the Brian Trenchard-Smith film Dead End Drive-In (1986). The film was released in 1990 in Yugoslavia under the title Smrt u auto-kinu, which translates as 'Death at the car cinema'.

The films playing at the drive-in within the story are The Man From Hong Kong (1975) and Turkey Shoot (1982), also directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Over 400 car wrecks were bought for the film at a cost of $100.00 each to fill the now demolished drive-in.

Lobby cards are similar to posters but smaller and typically issued as a set, each featuring a different scene from the film. The film still on this card is intriguing.

Looking like a post-apocalyptic nightmare it's a good representation of the film's central plot. It's an exciting image that provokes you into wanting to see more.