Dead End Drive-In Lobby Card - 'Star Drive-In' for Yugoslavian release

A graffitied driveway and reception window of a drive-in movie cinema with a neon sign on top that says "Star Drive-In". A red convertible car is in the driveway and a man is standing beside the car.
Dead End Drive-In Lobby Card - 'Star Drive-In' for Yugoslavian release
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One of a set of lobby cards for the Yugoslav release of the Brian Trenchard-Smith film Dead End Drive-In (1986). The film was released in 1990 in Yugoslavia under the title Smrt u auto-kinu, which directly translates as 'Death at the car cinema'.

It is noteworthy that the films showing at the dead end drive-in are The Man From Hong Kong (1975) and Turkey Shoot (1982), also directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Over 400 car wrecks were bought for the film at a cost of $100.00 each to fill the now demolished drive-in.

The harsh saturated colours of the artificial lights, neon sign and reflections off the 1950s convertible car make for a beautiful film still in this lobby card. There's a hint of nostalgia in the image which is then subverted by the graffiti on the ticketing booth.

As a stand-alone image it is very engaging; being an image representative of the film gives it additional interest.