Jimmy Barnes and Archie Roach

Singers Jimmy Barnes and Archie Roach on stage with their band during a live concert. Both are seated and singing into microphones.
Jimmy Barnes and Archie Roach
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Jimmy Barnes pictured on stage with Archie Roach and band during the Flesh and Wood tour in 1993.

Text on back of photograph reads: 'Jimmy Barnes: Flesh and Wood - Channel Seven. Friday, December 17 at 7.00pm - Jimmy Barnes and Archie Roach'.

Ever trying to extend his craft, Jimmy's album Flesh and Wood and the subsequent tour were attempts to explore a more sophisticated approach to his music. It's encouraging to see a performer, after decades in the music industry, still seeking to push himself in different directions and this photo exemplifies that effort.

It's unusual to see Jimmy seated while performing in this live shot. Normally his stage work is very physical and it was not uncommon during his earlier years for him to spend time off stage and actually in the audience.

Seen here performing with Indigenous singer-songwriter Archie Roach, he couldn't be further away from those raucous, heady days. It's a delightful photo, and one that captures a different side to Jimmy, the rough-and-tough 'working class man'.