Cold Chisel Smash Hits poster

Poster with 'Cold Chisel' in red block letters at bottom left and the magazine name 'Smash Hits Replay' top right. Cold Chisel band members are pictured against a dark background. L to R: Phil Small, Don Walker, Jimmy Barnes, Steve Prestwich and Ian Moss.
Cold Chisel Smash Hits poster
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This lift-out poster from a Smash Hits magazine features the band members of Cold Chisel. Smash Hits was one of the most popular music magazines of the 1980s and was aimed mainly at older teens.

The poster is dated 1988 - five years after the band had officially broken up - which is a testament to how popular they were and how that popularity had not waned since the split.

The five band members stand in formation with Jimmy Barnes prominent and defiant in the centre looking beyond the camera. Dressed in leathers and denim it is a typical example of how male pub rock bands liked to portray themselves - as authentic, working class and tough. It's a good representation of the band and its music.