Cold Chisel Last Stand Film Poster

Poster showing Jimmy Barnes on stage holding a bottle and microphone against a blue misty background. The poster reads 'The last ten years...the last great concert!' and 'Cold Chisel Last Stand' at the bottom.
Cold Chisel Last Stand Film Poster
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The official film poster from the music documentary Cold Chisel Last Stand (1984). The documentary focused on the career of Australian pub rock group Cold Chisel, centred around the 'Last Stand' concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on 15 December 1983.

Cold Chisel had already announced they were splitting up as a band and they saw the Last Stand concert series as a way to thank their dedicated fan base.

The image of Jimmy Barnes on this poster is iconic, featuring the frontman wearing his signature Japanese headband, with arms raised while clutching a microphone and a vodka bottle as he acknowledges the audience. Even without the text overlay, the photo is instantly recognisable to Cold Chisel fans and a perfect symbol of the band's farewell concerts.

The photo is a tribute to the quick thinking and skill of the photographer who captured the moment and created an enduring image of Barnes' career with Cold Chisel. In military terms, a 'last stand' suggests the remains of a defeated army holding a defensive position in the face of overwhelming odds. Here the phrase is perfectly paired with Jimmy Barnes raising his arms both in victory and surrender.