Ross O'Donovan and Jo Kennedy in Starstruck

Publicity portrait featuring Ross O’Donovan as Angus and Jo Kennedy as Jackie Mullens. He wears a tuxedo and she wears a tutu and crown with spiked hair.
Ross O'Donovan and Jo Kennedy in Starstruck
David Elfick
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'Starstruck (Gillian Armstrong, Australia, 1982) is about being a kid with dreams', remarked Ross O'Donovan, who plays Angus, in an interview celebrating the NFSA's newly restored version of the film.

Teenage cousins Angus and Jackie (played by Jo Kennedy) live in the Harbour View Hotel at Millers Point in Sydney. Jackie is 18 and wants to be a singer; Angus is 14 and writes songs while dreaming up wild schemes to get his cousin noticed.

When the pub is threatened with closure the teenagers set out to win a national talent contest with a cash prize of $25,000 to save their home.

This transparency taken by Bliss Swift depicts the costumes Jackie and Angus wear in the film for the final talent quest competition. Shot for publicity purposes, it features wild hair and lots of bling.