Charlotte Francis in The Silence of Dean Maitland

Charlotte Francis as Alma Lee after a morning swim.
Charlotte Francis in The Silence of Dean Maitland
Cinesound Movietone Productions
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'A quaint distinction of manner and a seductive voice … ' is how the Richmond River Herald described Charlotte Francis in 1936.

Much of the success of Ken G Hall's The Silence of Dean Maitland was due to the character Alma Lee, depicted here and played by Francis, an English actress.

The opening beach sequence was provocative for the era, and a scene in which Francis was briefly naked invoked the Censor's disapproval.

The offending shots were cut, but for Cinesound the controversial publicity paid off at the box office.

The wave-pattern radiating from the focal point of Alma Lee's feet in this lively portrait embodies her irresistible, elemental force of attraction in the film.