Working Class Man – the movie

Movie poster for the film 'Working Class Man' with a cartoon drawing of a frazzled looking man driving a red car. There are lots of people around the car gesturing angrily at the man driving.
Working Class Man – the movie
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Australian poster for the Hollywood comedy-drama Gung Ho (Ron Howard, USA, 1986), released locally as Working Class Man, and featuring the song of the same title by Jimmy Barnes over the end credits.

The poster features a tag highlighting the inclusion of Jimmy's anthem 'Working Class Man'. The song had already been a hit in Australia the year before the film was released. While the song was never a hit in the US, a cover version by Lacy J Dalton in 1986 reached number 16 in the US Country charts.

It's a very odd film poster with an illustrated central image suggesting a farce centred around cars but not revealing much of what the film is about. The overall graphic design features a lot of wasted space and a strangely sparse composition and ultimately fails to engage the viewer or sell the movie.