Cold Chisel Last Stand Publicity Material

Cold Chisel Last Stand Publicity Material
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Publicity materials relating to the Cold Chisel Last Stand (1983) music documentary. Included in this set are a cinema poster, media release and newspaper reviews from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian from July 1984.

The fact that top-tier news organisations were covering the event so widely reflects on the status of Cold Chisel as arguably Australia's best live band at the time.

The role of publicity material is to excite the media and to provide succinct and detailed information that is useful for marketing purposes. This package is a perfect example of how to get it right.

The iconic photo of Jimmy Barnes with his arms held high immediately captures the imagination and is an effective image to accompany the film's name. What follows are quotes from numerous major Australian newspapers lauding the film, giving it the stamp of approval.

The extended articles from The Australian and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers provide in-depth reviews. This package could be used as a template for other promotions.