Johnny Young: Young Talent Time

Johnny Young: Young Talent Time
Johnny Young, Clearvoice Pty Ltd.
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Johnny Young speaks with John Bannister in this excerpt from his 2008 NFSA oral history interview.

He talks about the formula for the show, which included lots of close-ups of the kids and vignettes about their school life, family and interests.

We see this formula in action in clips about the team members' favourite things from 1983, as well as individual pieces about Juanita Coco (1987–88), Beven Addinsall (1983–88) and Lorena Novoa (1984–87, 1988).

Johnny Young had a string of pop hits during the mid-to-late 1960s including a No. 1 hit with 'Step Back' / 'Cara Lyn' (by Johnny Young and Kompany).

He also wrote hits for other artists; 'The Real Thing', recorded by Russell Morris, was named one of the Sounds of Australia by the NFSA in 2013.

Notes by Beth Taylor