Vic Simms Oral History: The Loner

Vic Simms Oral History: The Loner
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This audio clip is an excerpt from an oral history interview with Vic Simms, Aboriginal musician and songwriter. He is talking to Brenda Gifford as part of the NFSA First Voices program.

In the early 1970s, while serving a sentence in Bathurst Gaol, Uncle Vic Simms taught himself guitar and wrote 10 heartfelt songs, which he recorded as a demo in his gaol cell. The demo tape found its way to RCA Limited, which orgainsed a mobile studio to be sent to the prison.

The result was Vic’s legendary cult album The Loner, released in 1973. While still in the prison system Vic’s star was rising, and he was allowed out to perform concerts at the newly opened Sydney Opera House, and to tour shopping malls.

Soon however, Vic found himself having to suppress his rise to fame in order to maintain solidarity with his fellow prisoners.