Martin/Molloy: Street Beat with Pete Smith

Martin/Molloy: Street Beat with Pete Smith
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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Radio and television voice-over artist Pete Smith was involved with the duo on all of their projects beginning with their radio show Bulltwang in 1990. 

He was heavily involved in a variety of roles all throughout Martin/Molloy, from show announcer to appearing as himself in sketches, often sending up his own image as the voice of Channel 9 and announcer for the quiz show Sale of the Century (and spokesperson for Copperart). 

In this sketch, Pete presents a new 'youth culture' segment that unsurprisingly goes haywire. In it, he namechecks current rock sensations Silverchair and UK boy band Take That.

'We're almost scratching our heads to come up with new things for Pete to do,' Tony Martin told The Age in 1996. 'It's as if he's entrusted us with his public image: "Here it is! Take it out for a driiive and get it back in one pieeece!"'.