Martin/Molloy: Radio Gladiators (Barnesy)

Martin/Molloy: Radio Gladiators (Barnesy)
Tony Martin and Mick Molloy
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One of the most memorable 'Radio Gladiators' segments was when contestants were asked to do an impression of Jimmy Barnes (with a special guest contestant appearing at the end!). 

'Radio Gladiators' was a major part of Martin/Molloy, consisting of members of the public phoning in to compete with an idea based on a specific theme, with the winner receiving a prize. 

Tony Martin told Radio Today in 2018 that it ‘was the first thing of that type on the radio. Now every show is “call in with your worst birthday present” or “call in with your worst weekend party.” All those ideas, that wasn’t really a thing on radio. There wasn’t really a call in on one topic. If you did a phone in, it was almost at random. Just have five random phone calls. We would go, “Let’s have five people call in with the same topic.”’