Dahling, are you paying attention?

Dahling, are you paying attention?
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Recorded in 1976 two years after Jeanne Little burst onto Australian television screens on The Mike Walsh Show, Jeanne adds singing and songwriting to her comedy and dressmaking talents.

Love her or hate her, people were most certainly paying attention when Jeanne won the coveted Gold Logie in 1976.

A fine example of the rich Australian tradition of novelty songs (such as Joe Dolce's 'Shaddap You Face', 1980), it capitalises on her cheeky persona. The words focus on Little's catch-cry 'Dahling!' as well as referencing her voice and how she polarises audiences.

The catchy song unfortunately only offers glimpses of Jeanne's vocal talent with much of it rendered in a sing-song spoken word fashion (known as 'Sprechgesang').

Jeanne went on to star in the musicals Jerry's Girls, Stepping Out and Legends at the Sydney Opera House and toured Australia with her one-woman cabaret shows Hello Dahling!, Marlene – A Tribute to Dietrich, More of a Little and MM – A Tribute to Marilyn Monroe. Marlene toured for 10 years, including to the US.

The track was co-written and co-performed with The Silver Studs. The B-side is 'Oceana Roll'.

The cover image comes from Jeanne Little's appearance on The Mike Walsh Show: Episode 5008 broadcast on 14 March 1985.

Notes by Beth Taylor