'Australians Let Us Barbecue' by Bucko and Champs

'Australians Let Us Barbecue' by Bucko and Champs
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'Australians Let Us Barbecue' is a comedy song with lyrics written by radio duo Bucko and Champs and sung to the tune of 'Advance Australia Fair'. The song is from their album Aussie Christmas with Bucko & Champs

Colin Buchanan and Greg Champion (Bucko and Champs) became known for their comedic take on Christmas carols, giving them an Aussie makeover. 

'Australians Let Us Barbecue' contains references that Australians strongly identify with in terms of the family Christmas barbecue, including T-bone steaks, slabs of beer, eating off paper plates and, of course, getting the 'rellies 'round'.

By using the tune to our national anthem, Bucko and Champs are humorously highlighting the significance of the barbecue as being an iconic Australian tradition and part of our national identity.