Carol of the Drum by Christine Anu

Carol of the Drum by Christine Anu
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'Carol of the Drum' is a popular Christmas song written by American classical composer Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941; it is also known as ‘The Little Drummer Boy’. This version performed by Christine Anu is from The Spirit of Christmas 1995, the annual charity fundraiser release for the Salvation Army.

The vocals on ‘Carol of the Drum’ are rich, layered and full. Andrew Namok, also from the Torres Strait Islands, delivers warm harmonies to Anu’s crystal-clear lead. Stuart Frazer holds back with his electric guitar parts, adding sonic contrast yet leaving the balance of voice and percussion to dominate. The slick production is supplied by John Farnham’s band members Lindsay Fields and Chong Lim, who are both masters of their craft.

Having recorded many Christmas songs and performed at events such as Carols in the Domain, Christine Anu released her own solo Christmas album Island Christmas in 2014.