The early years of Gaywaves

The early years of Gaywaves
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Gaywaves went to air in 1979 as Sydney’s first gay and lesbian radio program.

At a time when mainstream media rarely covered LGBTQIA+ issues positively, and homosexual acts were illegal in NSW, the broadcasts served as both a point of connection for the community and a critical source of information.

In this clip, Susan Hawkewood and Greg Reading explain the beginnings of the program. Their recollections convey a sense of urgency and necessity in the program’s formation, Hawkewood describing the off-the-cuff ethos of 'week by week, we have to get it on [air]'.

Gaywaves was a diverse program, and the archive of the show covers everything from police raids to AIDS vigils to Doris Day.

Listen to more clips from Gaywaves in this curated collection. The NFSA talks to Prue Borthwick about her involvement in Gaywaves from 1980 to 1991. Read more about preserving Gaywaves and LGBTQIA+ radio at the NFSA.


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