2SER poster for Rick Tanaka’s ‘Tokyo Hit Beat’

A poster for radio show Tokyo Beat featuring an illustration of dinosaur-like Godzilla monster rampaging through a city, as well as images of Japanese people with their faces tinted bright colours to match the poster design
2SER poster for Rick Tanaka’s ‘Tokyo Hit Beat’
Artwork: Michael Callaghan, Redback Graphix
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In the early 1980s, Rick Tanaka brought Japanese pop and rock to Sydney’s airwaves via his show Tokyo Hit Beat.

An extension of Rick’s work on the cult triple j show The Nippi Rock Shop, which he co-hosted with Tony Barrell, Tokyo Hit Beat gave listeners a different view on Japanese music and culture.

 This poster promoting the show was designed and printed by Michael Callaghan from Redback Graphix. Among the cacophony of images, Rick is depicted up front, emerging from a collaged sea of Japanese musical artists, while Godzilla terrorises the Sydney skyline behind.


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