The Ampol Show, episode 301

The Ampol Show, episode 301
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The Ampol Show was a popular variety program hosted by Jack Davey, broadcast on 2GB from 1952 to 1959.

In October 1957, three American rock‘n'roll stars – Gene Vincent, Little Richard and Eddie Cochran – appeared on the program while on tour in Australia. In these interview excerpts, the generation gap between the host and the younger trio is evident, Davey's manner suggesting he doesn't quite understand the popularity of 'rock‘n'roll'.  

The visiting musicians are warmly greeted by the audience, each politely answering questions from the host, interspersed with his trademark humour.

The interview most notably captures Little Richard speaking candidly to Davey about his recent decision – made while in Australia – to quit the music business for an evangelical life as a preacher once the tour was over.

Cochran would write his famous rock anthem ‘Summertime Blues’ the following year, perishing in a serious motor vehicle accident in England in April 1960 of which fellow passenger Vincent was also seriously injured.


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