Ken Garrahy: The Karingals : Yachting with the Karingals

Ken Garrahy: The Karingals : Yachting with the Karingals
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Kenneth (Ken) Garrahy (1933-2021) was an avid home-movie enthusiast, documenting his social life in Sydney and his holidays overseas during the 1960s and 1970s.

Gay life in 1960 Australia (or camp as it was then known) was underground but growing in confidence. The side and back bars that made up much of the discreet public gay scene at the time had been active since the early 20th century, along with a mix of beats, cafes, theatre foyers and more, but many wanted more. Interest in socialising away from the bars and outside of private homes lead to the development of new gay social groups in the early 1960s, in Sydney these included The Chameleons, The Pollynesians, The Karingals, The Tiffanys, and The Boomerangs.

The Karingals group initiated the Karingals Olympics in 1966, which was subsequently taken over by the Pollynesians (Pollys) to become the Polympics. In this film we see The Karingals on a day trip on Sydney Harbour, from their arrival at the pier through to the social cruising the harbour.