Eurovision - Sunrise: Panel discuss Australia at Eurovision

Eurovision - Sunrise: Panel discuss Australia at Eurovision
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In this excerpt from an episode of Sunrise, the morning after the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final in Tel Aviv, Israel, presenter David Koch leads a discussion about whether Australia should continue to compete in the competition. 

The clip includes an excerpt of Kate Miller-Heidke's gravity-defying performance of 'Zero Gravity'.

Panellist Gretel Killeen accurately describes it as 'magical' and 'superlative' as Kate impressively hits high notes and performs live while swaying side-to-side and balancing on a pole, an extraordinary piece of staging that's in complete harmony with the song's lyrics about not being held down.

Columnist Samantha Brett, also on the panel, agrees about the enduring popularity of the contest globally and comments on how well Australia has performed since first entering the competition in 2015. 

Broadcast 20 May 2019.