Bodyline Series: Jardine interview

Bodyline Series: Jardine interview
Cinesound Movietone Productions
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England Captain Douglas Jardine speaks after winning the first Ashes test in Sydney in the infamous 1932-33 'Bodyline' test cricket series. 

In this rarely sighted interview from Cinesound Review No. 58 (December 1932), the English skipper praises the Australians’ efforts following the visitors’ victory in the first Test.

Known for his determination, tactical ability and desire to succeed, Douglas Jardine had previously toured Australia in 1928.

Now captaining the English team on the 1932-33 tour, the decidedly aristocratic skipper – who wore his Oxford University Harlequin cap while playing – was perceived by Australian crowds as being cold and aloof.

Players would comment that, while pleasant off the field, Jardine was single-minded on the field of play with his extremely competitive attitude setting high standards for his team to aspire to.

Amusingly, the director needs to remind Jardine to smile towards the camera at the end of the interview.

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Summary by Jeff Wray