The Infamous Underarm Ball

The Infamous Underarm Ball
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One of the most controversial events in cricket history was the 'underarm incident' between Australia and New Zealand.

On 1 February 1981, during a One-Day International Cricket match against New Zealand, Australian bowler Trevor Chappell delivered the final ball of the match underarm – effectively rolling the ball along the ground.

Trevor was acting on the orders of Australia's team captain, and his older brother, Greg Chappell. This tactic was to ensure that the New Zealand batsman, Brian McKechnie, would be unable to score 6 runs from the final ball to tie the match.

As well as showing the event itself, this news report conveys the mood at the time regarding the incident and the response from New Zealand captain Geoff Howarth.

While bowling underarm was not against the laws of cricket, it was perceived as being against the spirit of the game and was subsequently outlawed.

The 'underarm incident' is remembered as one of the all-time low moments in Australian sporting history.