ELVIS: Austin Butler wears the Louisiana Hayride Suit

Actor Austin Butler dressed as Elvis Presley in a pink and black suit pictured on a stage. He is holding a microphone with a guitar strapped over his shoulder. He is leaning forward into the audience who are all reaching out towards him.
ELVIS: Austin Butler wears the Louisiana Hayride Suit
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The 'Louisiana Hayride' suit was recreated for the biopic ELVIS (Baz Luhrmann, 2022) by designer Catherine Martin and her team for the crucial scene in the movie when Elvis makes his debut on the Hayride stage in Louisiana.

In the scene, he wears a striking bright pink, light woollen suit jacket and trousers, a pink-and-black narrow snakeskin belt with brass buckle and a black lace, short-sleeved button-up shirt. The outfit is anchored by a pair of 2-tone brogues and pink-and-black argyle-pattern socks. 

In conservative society during the 1950s, the colour pink when worn by a man could be interpreted as effeminate. But with the addition of driving rock'n'roll music and writhing dance moves on stage, the visual message was provocatively masculine.

Here is a man who is bending gender roles, singing songs strongly influenced by Black music and manipulating expectations with his erotic dance moves to create an emotionally charged, unforgettable performance.

The legend of Elvis is born.

Summary by Jenny Gall