Some Like it Hot

Movie poster for the film Some Like it Hot
Some Like it Hot
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Some Like it Hot (Billy Wilder, US, 1959): Costume design by Orry-Kelly (1897–1964), b. Kiama, NSW

Costume designer Orry-Kelly won his third Academy Award for Best Costume Design for Some Like It Hot (1959).

However, as described in his memoir Women I’ve Undressed, working with lead actress Marilyn Monroe wasn’t always easy. She was frequently late to fittings, difficult to appease and easily offended.

Centre stage in this poster, Monroe is wearing a black chiffon nightgown, a controversial costume choice for 1959. To avoid censorship, Orry-Kelly added conveniently positioned lace embellishments and a black chiffon and feather robe.

Compared to American one-sheet posters, the star likenesses on this Australian poster are unfortunately less than flattering, the result of differing printing methods.

Notes by Michelle Davenport