The Long Arm

Movie poster for a film titled The Long Arm showing a close up of a hand in handcuffs and a man looking serious.
The Long Arm
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The Long Arm (Charles Frend, UK, 1956): Starring Dorothy Alison (1925–1992), b. Broken Hill, NSW

Broken Hill native Dorothy Alison starred opposite Jack Hawkins in this crime film about Scotland Yard detectives investigating a series of burglaries.

After a promising start in London with a BAFTA nomination for Most Promising Newcomer in Mandy (1952), Alison struggled to find work and considered returning to Australia.

Her persistence paid off and she starred in over 70 films and television series. Alison was often typecast as the wholesome, selfless woman, but this was something she later said she accepted and enjoyed.

Her name features prominently on this cool-hued poster, possibly to appeal to Australian audiences. A pair of handcuffs frames a key scene, with others showing dimly-lit side alleys and back streets, all fitting the aesthetic of a film noir poster.  

Notes by Michelle Davenport