Number 96 cast members and highlights

Number 96 cast members and highlights
Mike Walsh, Hayden Productions
Number 96 footage courtesy Cash Harmon
WARNING: This clip contains nudity
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In 1981, 4 former Number 96 cast members (Sheila Kennelly, Pat McDonald, Joe Hasham and Johnny Lockwood) appeared on The Mike Walsh Show to celebrate the groundbreaking 1970s soap and its director Brian Phillis.

This clip features a package of the show's highlights from its five-and-a-half year run, with a notable emphasis on the show's reputation for gratuitous nudity – an aspect that Number 96 is still very well known for to this day.

Warning: this clip contains nudity.

Please note: this package also includes a scene featuring transgender actress Carlotta portraying a transgender character, Robyn Ross, on Number 96 in 1973. The portrayal of a trans character by a trans performer was a first on Australian television. That moment is included in the Mike Walsh Show highlights package out of context to laughter from the studio audience, which some viewers may find offensive.

Read more about this epidode of The Mike Walsh Show in the Curator's Notes by Nigel Giles below.