Sunday: National Film Archive's Last film search

Sunday: National Film Archive's Last film search
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This is an excerpt from the Sunday program broadcast on 9 May 1982.

Aside from the news and current affairs focus of Sunday, the show ran weekly arts stories and film reviews by critic Peter Thompson, who was the show's film critic for 26 years. He is also actor Jack Thompson's brother.

The story focuses on the Last Film Search project run by the National Film Archive – a predecessor of the NFSA. Michael Cordell (who has gone on to become a successful producer and director) is the 'treasure hunter' – finding nitrate films to add to the collection.

It is interesting to note that Cordell talks about transferring nitrate film onto modern film stock, whereas now the focus is on digital restoration and preservation.

Sunday ran from 1981 to 2008 on the Nine Network.