Arctic Blast

Poster for the film Arctic Blast showing a frozen cars and people on the road of a suspension bridge. The film title is in large block letters and film credits are at the bottom centre of the poster.
Arctic Blast
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An A4-sized poster for the feature Arctic Blast (2010), a disaster film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.

In this film a solar eclipse is responsible for a blast of super-chilled air that will set off a catastrophic chain of events leading to a new ice age. Hobart, Tasmania is hit by the cold front and with temperatures hitting below -70 °C, people are dying instantly. In a race against time Jack Tate (Michael Shanks) is a physicist who is trying to find a solution whilst protecting his family.  

The poster appears to be referencing San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, not Hobart's Tasman Bridge that spans the River Derwent. Nevertheless, the frozen bridge makes for a powerful image. This dramatic poster, with its extreme central perspective and cold-blue colours, effectively conveys the film's plot. You feel cold just looking at it!