Annette Kellerman: lifelong performer

A colour photo of Annette Kellerman striking a dramatic pose. She is standing on one leg with her other leg in the air above her and her arms stretched out. She is dressed in pink.
Annette Kellerman: lifelong performer
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Annette Kellerman's love of colour is obvious from her pink outfit in this beautifully executed promotional photograph. The vertical lines in the backdrop add to the drama of Kellerman's pose.

It's not known when, why or by whom this photograph was taken, however the look and colour profile of the photograph suggests Kellerman was older. Evident in the shot is the physical fitness and performing prowess that she maintained well into her 80s.

Kellerman's rigorous physical training led to success as a champion swimmer, vaudeville performer, silent film star, ballet and tap dancer, water ballerina and health and fitness entrepreneur.

She died in 1975 at the age of 89 in Southport Queensland.

Notes by Beth Taylor